Ahsan-ul-Quran is a user friendly assisting gadget with the proficiency of reading Holy Quran and developing a thorough, comprehensive and inclusive understanding of the divine book. The sole incentive behind such an initiation was to provide the individuals with a better, serene and friendly medium in order to read, recite, learn and understand the spirituality of Holy Quran.
The functionality of Ahsan-ul-Quran comprises of a high powered reader device which demonstrates the required passages of Holy Quran with the technicality of swift movements. It encompasses an exclusive technology which contains the ability to thoroughly scan and narrate any Surah/Ayat or any passage from a printed copy of Quran. The swift liability of the digital Quran pen demands it to be placed on required passage of the printed Holy Quran, this practice prompts the device to automatically initiate a rapid scan and narration of that particular passage/Surat or Ayat.

The Almighty Allah (SWT) wished His people to thoroughly recite the Holy Quran, develop the inscribed understanding of its lessons and to hear it attentively as well. The strength of listening to it with an open heart and gripping our understanding with its divine efficiency has made us comprehend to the vital influence and prominent company of Islam in our lives. AhsanulKalam, E-Quran is a most ideal, accessible and easy approach to not just peruse the Holy Quran but also recite, learn and listen to the chapters of Holy Quran.

AhsanulKalam E-Quran is a distinguished, versatile and a proficient path for individuals to retain Holy Quran and hence amount oneself to a divine relationship with the Almighty Allah. The magnitude by which a Muslim individual amount to learn, retain and memorize the validity of the Holy Quran, more chances there are to be obtained for the individual to secure one's rightful place in heaven, close to the Almighty Allah, the creator of all and everything.

AhsanulKalam, E-Quranis an astonishing invention along these lines; it acts as a celestial module in order to aid individuals with reading Holy Quran as well as to develop a better understanding of the verses. By the swift functioning of E-Quran, individuals can now easily manage to understand Holy Quran as its regulation consists of two basis elements i.e. Comparison and a comprehensive representation of Tafseer. The individuals who read Quran daily and recite in an appropriate manner can nourish their understanding in order to thoroughly comprehend the divine importance of this Holy book and over a period of time, learn to establish a standard of not just social glories but also amount to successes of the divine.



What People Said

Junaid Jamshed stated about the beauty of the Ahsan ul kalam in the following words, "Ahsan ul kalam is the need of every house and a precious gift and a source of perpetual charity.
Junaid Jamshed
Great scholar Mufti Naeem said about the Ahsan ul Kalam, "What can be a better gift in this world than a gift of Ahsan ul kalam? And if you spread this among others and make its access to every home then I think that you have taken part in the perpetual charity.
Mufti Naeem
Further, famous scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan said, At present time of technology, Ahsan ul Kalam is the perfect use of technology. I will suggest everyone to keep a copy in their houses and whenever children open book, make them teach with the help of Ahsan ul kalam
Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan

In The Name Of Allah

The Holy Prophet (SAW) stated, "The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others."(Bukhari). Perusing and reciting Holy Quran in a comprehensive manner is one of the most vital and key religious obligations for every Muslim individual to follow upon. Reciting Holy Quran clearly is a divinefraction along the lines of religious practices and establishing a deliberate understanding of this divine book amounts to a stability of a number of spiritual advantages. There is a relativity of certain important elements which demand to be synchronized and maintained while reciting Holy Quran i.e. the flow by which the verses are being read, appropriate pronunciation of each word comprehensively and the concoction of melody in between each word read. The general categorization of these particular elements are extensively elaborated and willfully maintained along the lines of Tajweed, which distinguishes the accurate and defined means of recitation of Holy Quran. Reciting Holy Quran should not just be practiced to be limited to daily prayers but a proper recital should be carried out and maintained for the extravagance of its defined associations. Even now, there is a tremendous amount of Muslim individuals who fail to read Holy Quran accurately, develop its understanding and recite the effectiveness of Holy Quran. In the light of such mannerism, AhsanulKalam, E-Quran distinguishes itself as a divine initiative and divulges as a flawless development for the individuals to read, understand and learn Holy Quran at whatever time, wherever, with the extension of smart earphones and speakers. The most astonishing feature of this particular E-Quran is the fact that an individual can access the recitation from anywhere in the Holy Quran with respect to one's preferences or need for that matter.

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The administration at AUK has made it their first priority to reach for a greater number of people so that they can read and understand Holy Quran in all ease. You can easily stumble upon 'AhsanulKalam' the Quran Teacher, E-Quran from any shop and once purchased, just display the buy receipt from the shop at our stall stationed in Urdu Bazar and you can get exclusive gift hampers along with a chance to be a lucky winner by getting yourself duly registered for a bumper Lucky Draw.

The Ahsan-ul-Kalam administration is proudly announcing the grand launch of its new updated model called AK 650. AK 650 is an astounding gadget that is configuration for the individuals who need to figure out how to discuss Holy Quran. This capable device has a one of a kind innovation to output and read any page, part or verse from the Holy Quran included. You can touch the page number to listen to the page. Simply indicate the Digital Quran pen any part and begin listening to it. On the other hand you can hear any verse from any page by basically touching the content of that verse.

Muslims utilize their contraptions similarly as other people: they message, they utilize informal organizations, they purchase on the web. Be that as it may, the selection and Islamification—of the innovation has a more profound importance. Muslim youths are embracing innovation to separation themselves from more established; customary practices while likewise difficult Western models.